Manufacturing Plants

Plant 1, 12

Suprajit Plant 1 is in Bangalore for cables in India

These two plants supply the entire range of cables for the aftermarket through its 200+ strong stockists spread pan-India.

The plants are located in Bommasandra, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Plant 2, 2A

Plant 2 of Suprajit, also in Bangalore, for customers in India

These two plants cater to the cable requirements of customers based in South India in the motor cycle and automotive segments. The key customers include TVS Motors, Ashok Leyland, TAFE, Enfield India and Tier 2 suppliers to Hyundai and Ford.

These plants are located in Bangalore, India.

Plant 3

Plant 3 for instruments such as speedometers, instruments and other gauges

This plant is specialised in manufacturing instruments such as speedometers, various gauges, and other products.

Located at the Doddabalapur industrial area, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Plant 4

One of our larger plants, Plant 4 helps supply to many Customers in North India

This plant caters to the cable requirements of a range of customers based in North India, this plant is one of the larger plants of the Suprajit Group.

The Plant is set up at the prestigious Manesar Industrial Area in Delhi, India.

Plant 5, 14

Plant 5 in Chakan acts as an OEM cable supplier to the West of India

Manufacturing cables to a range of customers based in the west, Plant 5 is one of the larger plants of the Suprajit Group,

This plant is set up at the Chakan Industrial Area in Pune, India.

Plant 6

Suprajit Plant 6 for control cables is located in Vapi, India

This plant is specialised in the manufacture of cables for sports utility vehicles, LCVs and HCVs. This plant also specialises in manufacturing push-pull cables. This plant caters to both domestic and international customers.

The plant is located at the Vapi industrial area in Gujarat, India.

Plant 7

Suprajit cables from Plant 7 cater to a wide range of Indian customers

This plant is located in a special industrial zone having tax breaks. The plant manufacturers cables to a wide range of customers.

Plant Location is in Panthnagar, Uttarakand, India.

Plant 9

Plant 9 was setup as a completely export oriented plant for cables

A recently setup 100% export plant for Non-Automotive customers. This plant specializes both in light duty cables as well as heavy duty push pull cables.

The location of this plant is Bangalore, India.

Plant 10

Plant 10 in Haridwar supplies cables to the Indian two wheeler Industry

Built in 2010, this brand new plant is located in a special industrial zone with tax breaks. It manufactures cables to a leading Indian two wheeler manufacturer.

Setup in the tax exempt Haridwar Industrial Area, Uttarakand, India.

Plant 11

This Suprajit plant is under Implementation

This is a proposed plant, to be set up for the world’s lowest cost car. Land has been acquired and the plant is expected to be operational in 2012.

The plant is located Sanand, Gujurat.

Plant 15

This Suprajit plant is under Implementation

Plant is expected to be ready by 2012 on a sprawling 5 acre plot

Planned to be constructed in Pathredi, Rajastan, India.

Plant 16, 16A

This Suprajit plant is under Implementation

Speedometer cable production

Storage and distribution center

Located in Bangalore, India.

Suprajit Europe

Suprajit Europe facility for developing customers and cables, and manufacturing

Based in Tamworth in the United Kingdom, Suprajit Europe is the Suprajit Group's technical center to the western world. With over 70 years of cable making experience and cutting edge development capabilities, Suprajit Europe seamlessly blends the cost competitive manufacturing facilities in India with the demanding expectations of global customers. With world class research and development, prototyping, warehousing and small volume specialist cable manufacturing facilities, Suprajit Europe acts as a perfect intermediary for the global operations of Suprajit Group.


Suprajit Automotive

Suprajit Automotive supplies cables to many global automotive majors

Located near Bangalore in India, Suprajit Automotive Limited (SAL) is a 100% export oriented subsidiary of Suprajit Engineering. SAL is specialized in the large scale manufacture of cables to marque customers worldwide. Setup on a sprawling 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space, this plant prides itself on globally competitive manufacturing and works closely with Suprajit Europe to serve its customers.