Suprajit is not only a leading manufacturer of its products, it also has an excellent financial history.

Suprajit was listed in the BSE on 24th of March, 2003 and in the NSE on the 18th of Febuary, 2005. It has given consistent returns to investors ever since. The company can be tracked by investors on the BSE (Suprajit BSE Tracker) and on the NSE (Suprajit NSE Tracker).

For the past 30 years Suprajit has grown consistently its sales and profitability. Over this period sales have grown at an compounded annualized rate of about 30%. Its profit after tax also increased by about 25+% on a CAGR basis.

Please find all financial reports using the drop-down menu below. You can also find 2013-2017 Polling Paper, e-Voting Instructions and AGM Notice in the “Latest News” section on the right sidebar or in following “News from Suprajit” section.


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