Suprajit CSR Covid19 Relief : Status on April 26th, 2020

  • Suprajit is working with our plants to deliver DRY FOOD rations to the people most in need in the areas close to our facilities
  • The focus is to support workers, especially migrant workers and families below poverty line who are the most deeply affected during these times
  • Suprajit has also started supporting 3 community kitchens to feed hot meals to needy. This is a continuing operation in our focused areas

Completed distribution: 50 Tons of Ration and counting

Process to Identify and Distribute

  • Identified areas near our plants where Suprajit workers and families need support. Teams are working with Plant Head or Plant HR
  • Plant team will check with Local Police if this area is being supported by other organisations
  • Identify reputable organisation to provide good quality DRY FOOD RATIONS
  • Company procures these rations
  • Plant team distributes food rations directly to approved affected areas along with local police support.

Current Status

Locations of Current Projects


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