Halogen Lamps

Suprajit Group manufacturers and supplies lamps under the brand Phoenix Lamps.

We offer a broad range of Halogen Lamps for 2 & 3 wheelers, Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles & off Road Applications.

Our Lamps are ‘e1’, ‘e4’ & ‘DOT’ compliance, additionally in India our lamps are approved by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India). We offer our lamps as Standard lamps, Xenon blue, All season, Dark Blue and Blue white lamp. We also offer lamps with different wattage as High Performance lamps (+30%, +60%), & Xtra Life lamps.

Phoenix Automotive Halogen Range

H4, HS1 and H6M (M5): The most widely used lamps are the dual filament lamps namely H4 & HS1 lamps. H4 lamps are generally used in 4 wheelers and commercial Vehicles, where as the HS1 lamps are used in 2 Wheelers. These lamps are available in 12 V and 24 V with different wattages and life.

H1 & H7: The technology changes have evolved combination lamps where in instead of dual filament lamp, two single filament lamps are used. Today H1 and H7 lamps are used as a combination lamp for high end cars. It gives brighter light & increased visibility.

H3: The H3 lamp is called the Fog lamp. These lamps are single filament lamps & as the name suggests increases the visibility during foggy conditions by giving brighter yellow lights.

H8/H9/H11: These are single filament lamps and has a special base which prevents the lamp terminals from corrosion. These lamps are generally used as combination lamps how ever these lamps at times are used as fog lamps too.

9000 Series: These lamps (9004, 9005, 9006, and 9007) are widely used in the American market. They have bases which are designed for preventing the terminals from corrosion. The 9004 & 9007 lamps are dual filament lamps. The 9005 is a single filament lamp and is used as fog lamp. 9006 is also a single filament lamp used in combination with other lamp.

H13: A double filament technology of H13 not only assures more light output but also ensures with the world patented 5 Axis Focus design, a Focused and Accurate beam eliminating stray and uncontrolled light, thereby reducing the glare for oncoming drivers.

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