Brake Cable and Lever Systems

Suprajit Group, through our team at Wescon, offers two distinct styles of brake levers— the Over Center and Ratcheting styles. The Over Center design includes an optional switch-for-warning light, orange cap for Ag applications, standard and long levers, a large tension knob and a set screw to hold the knob in place once tensioning is complete. There are multiple sets of side plates to give the user mounting convenience, and hardware kits are available to fit the various levers.

The Ratcheting brake lever has many different handles and footprints, and switches are available for warning lights. To extend the life of cables, we offer an HDPE covered core, and we offer nylon as a premium alternative. There are a large number of assorted fittings in the catalog, and for high volume users, custom fittings can be designed.




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