Gear Shifter Cable AT

Gear Shifter Cables Automatic transmission 


Salient features

  1. Operating temperature: -40°C to +120°C
  2. Minimum bend radius: 200 mm
  3. Pull out loads of the end fittings: 700 Kg minimum
  4. Pull out loads of the abutments: 400 Kg minimum
  5. No load sliding friction: 3N maximum (straight condition) & 5N maximum (routing condition)

Product features

  1. Automatic transmission gear shifter cable for 4 wheeler IC engine vehicles
  2. Shifting pattern: P – R – N – D
  3. Applicable for adjustable strokes at transmission side

Special Features can include :

  1. Quick adjuster type can be used to increase or decrease the end fitting length
  2. Cantilever abutment for easy installing of cable at vehicle interface
  1. Abutment with cantilever type snap
  2. Quick Adjuster end fitting
  3. Easy to assemble at all interface points
  4. Dust & water ingress protected
  5. Durability cycle tested (5 lakh Cycles at RT, -40°C and +100°C)
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