Gear Shifter Cable MT

Gear Shifter Cables Manual Transmission 


Salient features

  1. Operating temperature: -40°C to +120°C
  2. Minimum bend radius: 150 mm
  3. Pull out loads of the end fittings: 650 Kg minimum
  4. Pull out loads of the abutments: 350 Kg minimum
  5. No load sliding friction: 3N maximum (straight condition) & 5N maximum (routing condition)
  1. Adjuster type end fittings for gauge length adjustments at transmission ends
  2. Easy to assemble at all vehicle interface points
  3. Dust & water ingress protected
  4. Durability cycle tested (10 lakh Cycles at RT, -40°C and +100°C) with shifter mechanism
  5. Shifter and Selector cables have ball end fittings which provides better sift feel
  6. Adjuster provided at the shifter end for length adjustment of the cable during fitment 
  7. Manual gear shifter cable for 4 wheeler IC engine vehicles (preferably LCV)
  8. Shifting pattern: R-1-2-3-4-5
  9. Applicable for adjustable strokes at transmission side
  10. Set of two cables held in position by using firewall grommet (Shifter - Selector)
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